Sushi – The Perfect combo of Health and Taste

Whenever talking about healthy eating and healthy food, which is one of the most favourite topics of discussion, Japanese food is often a part of the chat. And ‘Sushi’ is what comes in mind whenever discussing Japanese food. This cuisine actually defines the cultural milieu of Japan. Every single roll of sushi needs the creative effort and experience of the chef. Therefore, the dish can be rightly said to be a piece of art that is colourful and zesty while bringing in numerous health advantages.

This piece is dedicated to sushi as it talks about the heavenly taste of sushi and the various health aspects of this Japanese cuisine.

The Heavenly Food

Often misunderstood to be raw fish, sushi is actually cooked vinegared rice seasoned with sugar and salt that is usually served with soy sauce or a citrus dip. You may also get it in roll form where the cooked sushi rice, vegetables, and sometimes raw fish are wrapped in nori (seaweed) sheets. Although the traditional sushi includes vinegar as the primary seasoning, many Japanese restaurants also prepare it in variations using lemon juice or orange juice as the primary seasoning.

A bite of sushi will take you on an exotic journey. The rich flavours and textures of all the ingredients make this Japanese delicacy colourful and savoury. You will certainly feel like enjoying a heavenly feast when you eat so many flavours altogether put in sushi. Moreover, you can relish the dish in a variety of assortments. These include Japanese traditional Inari, Nigiri, and Maki to western versions of sushi rolls.

Health Benefits of Sushi

Steamed rice and fish and/or vegetables are the main ingredients of this cuisine making it healthier than a plate of fried chicken. Besides the tangy flavour, the nutrition like proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, various vitamins and minerals that these ingredients offer can’t be ignored. Let us discuss a few health benefits of eating sushi.

  • Neurological Benefits

A sushi dish will include seafood in the form of fish and/or nori or seaweed. Therefore, this Japanese dish becomes a rich source of in vitamins and minerals, omega3 fatty acids and antioxidants. According to studies, Omega-3 fatty acids are great for treating psychiatric and neurological disorders that include different neurodegenerative conditions.

  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Sushi having raw fish like mackerel, salmon, and sardines has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These also possess cardiovascular benefits. These nutrients lower the cholesterol levels, harden the arteries, and prevent high blood pressure. Thus, the risk of many cardiac issues can be minimized.

  • Prevents Diseases

The sushi rice is commonly rice seasoned with vinegar. This vinegar of sushi can easily ward off infectious diseases. The antibacterial properties of vinegar hamper diseases caused by E. coli, Typhimurium and Salmonella bacteria. The soy sauce commonly served with sushi kills colon bacillus that causes different infections.

  • Iron and Protein Supplement

Iron regulates the body temperature and promotes the efficient use of energy in your body. Sushi that has seafood and vegetables as its main ingredient is, therefore, a rich source of iron. Along with iron the various ingredients of sushi also makes the dish rich in protein. This nutrient is necessary to maintain skin, bones, and cartilages of your body and keep it in a good shape.

Hence, it can be concluded that sushi is among the best dietary choice that one can make when it comes to eating healthy and savoring your taste buds.

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