Spinning Workout – An Unmatched Way to Lose Weight

Serious about losing weight! A spinning workout program can surely be your best bet. This method is ideal, especially if you stay in your fat-burning zone. Spinning classes are geared for any level of experience and an hour of stationary cycling on a spin bike can help burn up to 700 calories. The people who consistently follow this fitness routine, report that they feel more energetic and more active after spinning. They have also witnessed a great improvement in their cardiovascular health, besides a significant loss in weight.

However, before joining indoor cycling classes you must perform a cycling-specific fitness test. This will determine your maximum heart rate, lung capacity, power threshold and will help the instructor to train you perfectly.

The spinning workout program uses a specially designed stationary bike targeting your entire body and mind. It involves different speeds and movements, with the riders sometimes off the saddle and sometimes cycling normally. The pace also varies with these movements. Sometimes, they are pedalling at top speed and other times recovering at a slower pace. A spinning bike has a large flywheel front wheel to provide real momentum and resistance. When the riders pedal continuously, they get incredible cardiovascular benefits along with burning lots of fats.

Moreover, unlike other exercise types, you can continue with a spinning workout, whether it is sunny or rainy outside. But yes, you have to be quite patient as it will take some time for you to adjust to the basic movements and form before moving to the next level. You will have to follow the instructions of your trainer in the spinning class that usually last for 45 minutes to an hour. Like other fitness classes, spinning also starts with initial warming up and stretching.

The instructors at the spinning class will guide you throughout the session and will help you to achieve your weight loss goals. He/she would take you on a cycling trip that will challenge you physically and mentally as well. Moreover, this workout session is accompanied by great music to make it fun and enjoyable.

Few Tips to burn more calories in Spinning Workout

  • You must eat something good and nutritious before you enter your workout class. Eat some fruits like banana and wholegrain cereal.
  • Alter the speed and difficulty level of your biking at regular intervals. This will boost your metabolism and help you lose enough weight.
  • If you can’t spare time for an hour of spinning workout class, you can always split your session into two half-hour sessions. You will burn out the similar amount of calories in two sessions as you will do in a single session.

If you have decided to join a spinning workout program to lose those extra pounds, then you must register yourself with a good spin studio. Choose a studio that has the best spinning equipment and the best instructors to teach you.

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