5 Physical Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling is rapidly becoming a trending way of doing the workout. Most fitness enthusiasts consider it as a new, cool and super effective way of doing the workout. It also comes with amazing physical benefits; let’s discuss each one of it.

Healthy Heart

A research says that for a healthy lifestyle, we have to exercise minimum 150 minutes per week. With indoor cycling, you can achieve this in a session of about 45-60 minutes (3-4 days a week). It helps in boosting metabolism and heart pumping. It also strengthens your body muscles (butt, calf, and thighs) and tones them in shape. It is a great cardio routine that helps you lower the risk of heart-related diseases.

Stronger Muscles

Body Toning, endurance, and muscle strength are the key goals of any workout regimen. Indoor cycling can turn out to be highly effective in this. It is fit for people of all age groups as you can adjust speed and hardness level of the bike as per capability and requirements of the individual. It is a great workout for enhancing muscular endurance in quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles. Besides toning muscles, it brings over strength in body and you feel more active in other routine activities.

Burn Calories and Lose Fat

Dieting has become an old and less effective way of losing weight. If you are ready for an intense workout that will burn your calories faster, indoor cycling is for you. Spinning accelerates the process of weight loss by activating your metabolism. As per a research, you can burn about 400-600 calories with an hour of spinning workout, thereby, making it a highly effective workout.

Lowered Stress Levels

We all know that exercising is a great stress buster. Spinning does the same but in a more efficient way. Spinning with high-intensity releases endorphins which give you feeling of happiness and ecstasy. The music beats and motivational trainers together make the entire spinning session a fun-filled activity and act as a stress buster.

Low Impact Exercise

Cycling is a low impact activity. Indoor cycling is even better than walking as knees and joints do not experience much impact. Sometimes, doctors recommend indoor cycling to people who have just recovered from an orthopedic injury. Indoor Cycling is a part of their rehabilitation program. No matter whether you are injured or not, spinning should be a part of your daily routine as you know the impact that it can make on your life.

Now that you know the several physical benefits of indoor cycling, you should consider joining a spinning studio. Joining an indoor cycling class will help you maintain the routine in life.

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