Japanese Cuisines – Fresh, Healthy & Tasty

Ludwig Feuerbach has given the famous quote ‘Man is what he eats’. The statement holds true even in today’s time. If we don’t eat healthy food, we are bound to get a wide range of health issues sooner or later in life. However, compromising on the taste aspect is also not desirable at all. And we end up feeling like a ping-pong ball which keeps getting tossed between choosing healthy and choosing tasty. But, don’t worry because we have a tasty as well as a healthy solution to your problem. Here, we present to you a wide range of traditional and authentic Japanese cuisines which is sure to satisfy almost all of your health criteria!

Why to choose Japanese Cuisines?

Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients

Traditional Japanese cuisines are prepared using fresh and seasonal ingredients only. This satisfies your body’s need to get a variety of nutrition and minerals through food only. According to dieticians, Japanese cuisines are a nice option for those who want to add all the seasonal fruits and vegetables in their diet in a balanced proportion.

Low Calories but Highly Tasty

Japanese cuisines mostly rely on the combination of rice with fruits and vegetables, spices and sauces which gives the food a rich texture and taste. It also satisfies the typical proverb of having a colorful food plate to get all the vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, it has a limited quantity of oils and other such fats and carbs which make you gain weight in unhealthy ways.

Hygiene Matters

A good Japanese restaurant believes in maintaining the highest hygiene standards. This is because Japanese people follow strict rules about hygiene to preserve their health and increase the quality of their food. So, if you choose one of the best Japanese restaurants, be assured that you’ll get only hygienically prepared food which will have freshest and hygienically sourced ingredients too.

A Refreshing Combination

Whenever we hear about Japanese cuisines, the only thing that pops up in our minds is Sushi. But, Japanese cuisines also have Sashimi, Bento, Miso and a lot more to choose from. All these dishes follow the same basic principle of using only fresh and high-quality ingredients with a twist of seasonal specialties. So, whenever you step in a sushi restaurant, be prepared to get spoiled for choice.

Three-Course Meal

Japanese people believe in getting variety in their meal. A typical Japanese meal consists of a bowl of rice, fish or meat, pickles, miso soup and several kinds of noodles. Thus, you can have an elaborate three-course meal if you are planning to go for authentic Japanese cuisines.

Snacking is the way

Japanese cuisines also have a variety of options for snacking which are filling as well as healthy. It has a variety of soups and salads, rolls, and noodles which are nothing like the regular junk food we eat. These are also focused on using seasonal and healthy food items as main ingredients.

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