Hemp Oil – The New Superfood

Hemp Oil which is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant is thought to give the feeling of being high. This is because the flowers of this controversial plant are capable of bringing about mild hallucinations. However, the seeds contain many beneficial fatty oils, which will not cause any such effects. In fact, various researches show that hemp seed oil is quite a beneficial supplement for an individual to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Earlier hemp was an important crop with any industrial and medicinal uses. When the health of an individual is concerned, the seeds of this crop were found to be an almost perfect food source that includes 80% of the essential fatty acids and globule edestins (a protein similar to globulin), all of which are essential to maintaining the body’s health.

What are the benefits of Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is gaining popularity as a new superfood in the market because it includes many of the minerals, vitamins and nearly all of the essential fatty acids. All of these are required by the body to stay fit and keep functioning properly. Many of the recent studies show that if taken regularly, hemp oil can assist in repairing a damaged immune system. It can there be used as an important natural supplement for both cancer patients and people with AIDS.

Hemp oil consumption can increase vitality, improve the motor skills, reduce arthritis pain and inflammation treat tuberculosis, decrease sun damage on skin etc. It is used by people suffering from conditions caused by the deficiency in LA (Omega 6) and LNA (Omega 3). This is because hemp oil includes all those essential fatty acids (EFA) in balanced and ideal proportions.

How much hemp oil to take daily?

Although your physician would recommend the dosage of hemp oil that you should take. But, if not following a prescription, then you may take a daily dosage of up to 2-4 dessert spoons or up to 50 ml.

Most people like the nutty flavor of hemp oil. It can, therefore, be added to salad dressings, dips, and smoothies. However, it is not recommended for frying, as many of its life-giving benefits can diminish on heating.

To conclude, hemp oil can help:

  • Increasing the number of good fats in your body and also cutting down the bad fats that can lead to high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart attack.
  • Replenishes your skin, hair, and lips and giving them a luxurious sheen and healthy glow. It also moisturizes the skin and makes it look younger.
  • Lubricates the joints and help in reducing the pain, inflammation, and swelling caused by arthritis.
  • Includes vital nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and various nutrients needed by our bodies to thrive.

If you too are willing to add this superfood to your daily diet and get the variety of nutrients it provides, visit Scents N Sense to buy CBD products at reasonable prices, from oils to tinctures, to creams to capsules, you can get hemp oil in a lot of variants from top brands.

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