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Cinderella Solution Review

A lot of women find it difficult to lose weight and the reasons may be many. If you are also among those women who have been struggling to shed those extra pounds, this is a must-read article.

In this post, we are going to talk about an incredibly popular program that is buzzing these days. We are going to talk about Cinderella Solution, which is an extremely effective weight loss program for females.

What is Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a comprehensive weight loss system created by Carly Donovan. Based on years of research and scientific facts, the entire program is geared specifically towards women. Divided into two phases, the program consists of easy step by step guide that helps you to achieve quick weight loss.

Who is Carly Donovan?

Carly DonovanThe lady on the product cover, Carly Donovan, is a fitness trainer and creator of Cinderella Solution. She is a ‘busy mom’ and a ‘female fitness specialist’. She is an ordinary woman who once struggled for several years to lose her extra pounds. Despite sweating for several hours at gym counting calories, she didn’t witness any huge change in her body. This is where she decided to create her way to lose weight.

After researching for several years, she devised her weight loss formula which is popular today as the Cinderella Solution.

What is so different about this program?

Unlike other weight loss programs which focus more on psychological and scientific information about health and nutrition; Cinderella Solution focuses on personal approach. In this weight loss program, the author shares the same daily meal plan that she followed in her life-changing. She loses 84 pounds in her weight loss journey just by making better eating choices and following some simple exercise routines.

Cinderella Solution Result

The program doesn’t ask you to starve or stay away from your favorite foods. It doesn’t ask you to count or limit your calorie intake. Also, it doesn’t ask you to sweat in the gym doing hard workouts. Without doing all this, you still can lose weight and this what makes Cinderella Solution different from other weight loss programs.

How does it work?

no pills no gymBased on ICE Dysfunction concept, the program is specifically designed for females lying between puberty and menopause. As per the ICE Dysfunction concept, women have an imbalance of 3 hormones (insulin, cortisol, and estrogen). You feel this imbalance of hormones mostly after reaching puberty or before menopause. This imbalance badly affects the metabolic functioning of the body. The Cinderella Solution Program explains the techniques with which you can boost the metabolism of the body and remain healthy for several years to come.

The author claims that her weight loss program works for females even after their puberty. She lost 84 pounds using it and so you can.

Cinderella Solution is inspired by the ShokuIku (Nutrition Architecture) of Japan. The program tells you about the spices and ingredients that can boost your metabolism. By following the ‘food flavoring ritual’ mentioned in the book you can remain healthy and live long fit life. The program discusses the foods and drinks that can help you maintain a favorable weight. Besides these, the program explains the concept of movement sequencing and shows how it is better than the cardio workouts.

What is included in The Cinderella Solution System?

Cinderella Rapid Fat-Loss Owner’s Manual – In this guide, you will find the complete list of effective flavor pairing rituals and fat-burning foods. Here, Carly explains the functioning of hormones and metabolism. She explains how you can make a balance between the hormones and boost the metabolism of the body. The book will also uncover the most common weight loss myths.

Cinderella Solution’s “FIRST 15” Quick Start Guide – As the name of the book you can imagine what it does. This book is like a secret weapon for those who do not want to read the entire manual and still want to lose weight as quick as possible. Everything is summarized in this little book regarding what, when, and how to eat so that you can drop a dress size within a couple of weeks.

Cinderella “PERMANENT FAT LOSS” University – You can consider it as a mini-course from the Cinderella University. It explains the causes of weight gain in females, the I.C.E. Dysfunction and step by step guide to overcoming it. It shares all the lifestyle hacks that you need to super-charge your fat-burning hormones (insulin, cortisol, and estrogen).

MOVEMENT SEQUENCING Guide – This guide shares all the exercises and workouts that are easy and effective for fat-burning in females. By making use of Movement Sequencing, females can boost their metabolism without requiring to do any hard workouts, heavy equipment, and machines.

Daily Nutrition Blueprint – This book shares the life-changing secret of Carly Donovan. In this book, you will find the same daily meal plans which Carly used to follow during her 84-pound weight loss journey. She designed the entire blueprint of meals in such a way that you can create your own fat loss meal plans and have a variety of meal combinations for each day.

cinderella solution program

Pros of Cinderella Solution

  • Easy to understand – The entire program is well-structured which makes it easy to understand for everyone. The book uses simple and clear language and illustrations mentioned make it even more easy to understand.
  • Specifically Designed for Women – Mostly weight loss programs are geared towards men but Cinderella Solution is specially designed for women. As per the author, women are special, therefore, should be treated in a special way, not as men.
  • Money-Back Guarantee –  The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This refund policy is the biggest advantage of the program. So, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim a 100% refund within 60 days.
  • Instant Download Available – When you purchase the product online, after successful payment, you will get an instant download link. You don’t have to wait for the author’s email regarding download. Since it’s a digital product, you can immediately start the program after buying it.
  • 100% Natural & Effective – The product is 100% natural and effective. There are no side-effects on using the product. It makes use of combinational means and simple workouts for weight loss. You can start seeing the results in as low as 2 weeks.
  • Bonus Offered – The program comes with 2 bonus books – “Movement Sequencing Activity Guide” & “21 Days Kickstart Nutrition Guide”. Both books share the secret that the author used to lose weight.
  • Affordable Cost – The price of the program is just $37. You can get $10 extra discount which you use the link button at the end of the page.

Cons of Cinderella Solution

  • Results Vary – There is no guarantee for results. It may vary from one person to others depending on their physique. To get good results, you need to strictly follow the routine mentioned in the book.
  • Require 28 days for Results – There is no magical stick to lose weight instantly. You need to be patient to see the desired results. When followed properly, you will require about 28 days to witness weight loss.


The Cinderella Solution is specially designed for females with a target to get rid of stubborn body fat. It is one of the most popular and highly effective weight loss programs available today. It is designed with years of research and is fully tested by the author herself. Several testimonials on the author’s website are proof that the programs work well. It is 100% natural and drug-free approach for weight loss. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the results,  you can seek a 100% refund.

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